TripIt in a nutshell

TripIt is a travel itinerary app that focuses on easing traveler stress by compiling and organizing plans while offering a number of other features like flight alerts, check-in reminders, airport security wait times… etc.

Basic Flow

  • Trip List
    • List view of user’s trips, displaying key information
  • Trip Summary
    • Reached by selecting a trip on Trip List
    • Timeline view of a user’s itinerary, displaying key information for each plan
  • Plan Details
    • Reached by selecting a plan on Trip Summary
    • Displays all information for a plan, with key information up top, followed by TripIt features (such as airport maps, destination directions… etc.)
    • Includes check-in button for flight details where users can check in to their flight if within the airline-specified check-in time.
    • For Flight details, Pro users will see flight status update in live-time

Getting to know our users

Our user base is primarily made up of frequent business travelers with a growing mix of younger, more leisure-focused travelers

Our two main personas are Sam, a mid-aged male and frequent domestic business traveler, and Hannah, a mid-20’s to early 30’s female frequent bleisure (business with a side of leisure) traveler.

More Info

Retail and Enterprise

Offered as a retail consumer app as well as a part of an enterprise-offering for SAP Concur clients with a few additional features geared towards adding to the travel and expense profile

Going Global

With a strong foothold in the US, TripIt recently launched in EMEA and Japan, thus introducing the challenge to localize in French, German, and Japanese.

Mobile Focus

TripIt runs mobile-first with a more recent eye towards revisiting web

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